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I love Smashing Magazine, an online design-oriented magazine. I can’t say enough about it. They cover advice, tutorials, free stuff, and knowledgeable articles from experts.

Their most recent article is entitled Ten Harsh truths About Corporate Blogging. This is particularly relevant to me because the company I work for is having the creatives get experienced in blogging by getting their feet wet and starting their own blogs, this one included. My blog isn’t entirely new or an experiment though. I started a version of Food & Design several years ago, but then got busy with other things and strayed away. I’m happy to be back and I hope my readers are as well.

On to corporate blogging. As Paul Boag points out in his article, the biggest challenge in corporate blogging is letting go. Blogs are not newsletters or press releases. They are not one-sided communications. Blogs are meant for feedback and discussion. And, not all that feedback is going to be good. Everyone from myself to corporations need to realize that when you offer a service, expect both the good and the bad.

But what is bad? Is it misinformation? Is it someone just hell-bent on saying bad things? Or, is it bad press because of a failing or perception? Blogs are public relations on the most intimate level. Use the medium to your advantage. Educate, inform, correct perceptions and answer questions directly.

Give the article a read and then set it into practice. Remember not all feedback will be bad and you will gain trust and loyalty through your attention and honesty.


~ by JR Prospal on 9 August 2009.

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