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Foie Gras Palates, Hot Dog Pockets
In the New York Times, Frank Bruni takes a look at the elevation of American tastes and their impact on fast food. These are the days when you can get a hamburger by world-renowned, four-star chefs like Daniel Boulud, David Chang, or how about a hot dog by Michael Psilakis. How great is that?

veggieUVeggie U
Michael Ruhlman posted an article that harkens back to what I was saying in my PolyCultures post. An initiative by the Chef’s Garden and Culinary Vegetable Institute raised money to protect out future. How? By teaching children about good nutrition, being smart about what they eat and sustainable farming. Damn good idea! Folks we have to get smarter about our food. If you don’t care maybe your children’s children will care when the soil stops producing food and salmonella poisons the food that does exist. Maybe you think that’s an exaggeration like recycling. Perhaps you need to learn about the floating pile of garbage in the Atlantic Ocean. Didn’t know that was there? Folks, the world outside of your everyday life is not wrapped in cellophane. Teach your kids what fresh food is and where it comes from.


~ by JR Prospal on 20 July 2009.

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