As see in this months WIRED Magazine:

StillTasty.com: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide. OK folks, I know I harp about this alot, but being in a healthcare field (even if it is advertising) people need to realize how dangerous bacteria can be. Sure, I’ve been known to eat things that I should have thrown out, but there is a limit and somethings are more dangerous than others. So, if you’ve ever wondered how late is too late, give these folks a visit. Oh yeah, about that big pile of scrambled eggs for a group breakfast…”Refrigerate within two hours of cooking.” Please.

Spherical Ice Cubes. In Japan they carve these by hand to reduce the surface-area-to-volume ratio which makes the cube melt slower. Neat, huh? Well, before you jab yourself in the hand trying to carve ice, head over to the MoMa store and get yourself a handy ice mold.


The Great Wall of Facebook by Fred Vogelstein. Facebook wants to dominate the internet (sound familiar?) and they want to keep Google out (again, sound familiar?). In the article they outline their 4-step plan of online domination, which sounds plausible. Except for the fact that Facebook is a community, not a robotized search engine. Any time people are involved, trying to control them, or profit from them, is a slippery slope. Sure, Facebook deserves to make money on the service they are providing…that warehouse of servers ain’t cheap, y’know. But, if you were standing with a group of friends at a corporate sponsored event, say a concert, how annoyed would you get if sales reps kept coming up to you offering the “latest thing”? We’ll have to see where this leads.

Now here’s a good one for you Industrial Designers. Did you know that in 2004 Edgar Burchard redesigned a packing peanut far superior to the ones we commonly see today? His little insight was to create sheets of refrigerator foam cut in a wavy pattern that could be efficiently stored as blocks. Just give a twist and viola! Peanuts that lock together naturally instead of slipping past each other. Briiliant! So what happened? They didn’t sell well because they were just too different. That pretty much sums up a lot of designers woes.

How’s this for irony…want to learn about blogging, where it’s going and why? Buy the book! Salon co-founder Scott Rosenburg has published Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Become, and Why It Matters. Catchy title, eh? It sounds like a good read though, if you’re into reading geeky things like that (guilty), and it’s probably easier to read on a plain or the toilet than on your iPhone.

To read more about these fascinating items and more, pick up the latest WIRED Mag at your local magazine rack.


~ by JR Prospal on 14 July 2009.

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