Raising Awareness


zeldman_20090713Jeff Zeldman posted an interesting article that includes why the general public is barely aware of Opera and Firefox. Basically, only the web geeks know about them. Why? Well, Firefox and Opera were two of the early adopters of adhering to web standards. Naturally, if you’re trying to develop websites to the standards you need reliable browsers to display them correctly. The rest of the public, they just want websites to work when they go there. Zeldman also looks at the future of mobile browsing.

I learned to code HTML and CSS by looking at Zeldman’s code. His site turned me on to web standards and the amazing group of people at A List Apart. Like Firefox and Opera, I’m barely known among web design trailblazers like Zeldman, but I was right there, along his side, learning and developing like all the rest.

Still, new web designers and people building website appear every day. If you’re new to building a website, check out these sites. Knowing how to build standards compliance sites will give you the flexibility for mobile devices.


On the print side of design, Smashing Magazine posted an interesting article on developing your “Design Radar”:

For instance, when it’s time to grocery shop, are you in the get-in/get-out as fast as possible mindset? Or do you treat the experience as a journey through Design Mecca – with sources of inspiration lining the shelves from wall to wall? When you’re waiting on the unbearably slow line at the post office do you temper your impatience by burying your nose in your iPhone? Or do you make note of the ugly signage covering the walls and kill the time by redesigning it better in your head? “Cranking up your design radar” is about never turning off the designer in ourselves.


~ by JR Prospal on 13 July 2009.

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